I’m back!

I got an urge to start blogging again last week while wandering around the mall. I was inspired by all the beautiful things I saw and wanted to share.

However, this time it feels more natural to start writing in English. 
For one (obviously) because I’m living in a country where English is the main language and I speak it most of my day (I feel that I even think in English from time to time). 
Secondly, I figured it will be good practise. 
And then of course so that my large, very multi-cultural group of friends over here can understand. 🙂

My intention was to start blogging again already after the summer when we moved back here, but the first couple of months flew by with apartment hunting, buying a car, the new job, lots of hassle but even more excitement. Over time I’ll tell you all about it.

Anyways, now we’re settled in our beautiful new home and life feels pretty awesome 🙂

We moved on from Healey’s and Bonnington (we spent 9 wonderful months there but it felt like it was time to try something new) and we’re now performing 4 times a week at Sofitel Jumeirah Beach. 
It’s been great so far, we received a warm reception and the staff is so friendly. I’m enjoying not being so “tied” to work (before we used to play 6 nights a week… phew) it’s awesome to be able to live a more “normal” life on the side and work feels more fun as we don’t get so sick of our repertoire as quickly. 

Our initial plan was also to freelance on the side, mix it up a bit and play with other musicians as well. We’re actually getting started with this today as our super-talented saxophone playing friend Matt is coming over in an hour to record a demo with us.

….I’m thinking I should post this for now as I’m fearing no one will have the energy to read this if I go on and turn this in to the start of a book.

Yeah that makes sense, bye lovelies!


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