So, what am I going to write about?
I was thinking about this the other day and figured I’ll write whatever comes to mind naturally for a start and then see what the blog turns in to with time. So no “theme” for the time being.

I guess it’ll be a bit of what’s going on in my life here, experiences in Dubai so that my friends and family back home can stay up-to-date.
But also about my range of interests that are starting to form quite a long list nowadays.

The newest addition to my hobbies is JUICING! I’m very hooked on this, it’s how I start off my mornings and I’m excited about what an interesting array of fruit and vegetables I can find in the stores here and how cheap it is compared to back home. Luxury.
So I might start posting some of my weird recipes of delicious juices (that so far no one else agrees to drink – I say their loss, lol)
One of my favorites: celery, kale, parsley, chili, carrots, lemon, cucumber and green apple. Sound funky? I promise you that after a while you’ll start craving the taste! And you can also add a bit of stevia for sweetness.
AND it’s so healthy, I’ve noticed I don’t need coffee in the mornings anymore…

Another semi-new hobby is Ashtanga Yoga. Totally hooked on this as well, yoga makes me feel so good physically and mentally.
Along with this I’ve developed an interest for well-being, mindfulness and healthy eating. I guess they kinda go hand in hand. One of my favorite blogs is MindBodyGreen.com, there’s so many interesting articles, check it out!

I’m also really into cooking nowadays. I was a useless cook as a teenager, not interested at all. But I guess this is something that started developing slowly as I moved away from home and now, after having lived in hotels and hotel apartments eating restaurant food for a couple years my cooking interest is thriving and I’m loving my new kitchen.

Wandering around the malls looking at all the beautiful things, clothes, accessories, furniture, food is something I just can’t get enough of. So when I find cool stuff I might post it here..

Other hobbies include: running, going for walks around the lakes in JLT, paddle boarding, drinking espresso martinis on our balcony and chatting away with good friends, going out dancing in Dubai (there are so many good clubs!), listening to live music and being inspired by talented colleagues, tanning with a good book and cozy evenings at home with my husband watching movies.

So I guess all of this will form what my blog will be. I’ve been really lousy at taking pictures the past half year but I promise to try to be better at this. 🙂

I’ll also make a “favorites” list of things to do and see in Dubai. At the moment my tab is only in Swedish. Please feel free to ask if anyone has any questions!

Okay, I have to go brush my teeth, get dressed and sing a couple of notes before Matt comes knocking on our door.

So long for now.


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