Music, duh

Oh, I forgot to mention quite a big interest (part of my life), MUSIC.
I was going to write “well that’s given/obvious”, but then realized I actually have a few musician friends who hardly listen to music at all. Which I find weird.
Anyhow, I’m a big-time music consumer. And I love Spotify.
So when I discover new artists or tracks and make new playlists I might link to them here and write about it.

I keep writing “might”. I’ll just have to see what inspires me on that particular day and of course, what you are interested in reading about.. 🙂

Okay so I’m still sitting by the kitchen table in my pj’s. Come on woman, make yourself look representable!
But I love days-off like this when you actually don’t have to get dressed. Well, unless you’re having guests over soon.
Okay bye.


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