Persian food at Ezi Dzi

Mikko and I just went for a walk in JLT, there’s such a great atmosphere here at night. People jogging around the lakes, walking their dogs, kids playing and the outdoor seating areas of the ever-growing number of restaurants (they pop-up like mushrooms) buzzing.

We had dinner at a persian place we hadn’t tried before, Ezi Dzi. The food and atmosphere was great. I ordered eggplant and green bell pepper stuffed with minced beef, rice and herbs and Mikko ordered spicy meatballs stuffed with egg and fresh vegetables. We were also served a huge flat bread sprinkled with sesame seeds, cucumber dip and cheese. Yum. Definitely going back. The weather is perfect now for eating outside and watching people pass by.

I’m obviously not a very experienced blogger since I didn’t realize until after I finished my food and left the restaurant that I should have taken pictures. However I took with me some cucumber raita and the tasty bread in a doggy-bag so here’s a picture of the bag. (I know, you probably find this extremely interesting)



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