Life in Dubai

Rain, thunder & lightning

We’ve enjoyed exotic weather here in Dubai today – it’s been raining (pouring)! This is the first time I’ve experienced rain for a couple of months and for some people it’s the first time for over half a year. (Okay, there was a bit of rain last week, but that was early morning so we only saw the remnants of it).

Generally people are pretty excited and enjoying the fresh air but Dubai isn’t really built with a chance of rain in mind so streets are flooded, roofs are leaking and it’s impossible to get a taxi. A little bit of chaos. But mostly fun. 🙂

It also happens to be National Day weekend, the UAE is turning 41 on Sunday. So people are off for a few days, there are flags and decorated cars everywhere and a lot of extra happening going on.

We’re supposed to celebrate on a friends yacht tomorrow but in case the weather stays like this I think we’ll have to postpone.

Today we performed at brunch and hung out with our friends and their cute kids after. Fun! We passed by Mall of the Emirates which I know should be avoided on a Friday evening but with National Day weekend and rain outside it was just CRAZY.

Now we’re relaxing at home. Home-made pizza and a movie. Aaaah 🙂

Happy friday everyone!

Imagepicture borrowed from Facebook381606_530238510321304_1384439020_n

picture borrowed from Facebook


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