We are eagerly awaiting the arrival of our puppy (okay, she’s 5) Nala tonight. Finally!!! It’s an exciting, but anxious feeling as she’s traveling alone. First to Frankfurt where she spent the night in a doggy hotel and now onwards to Dubai. The process of getting her out of customs in this end takes 2 hours (to exit the plane) + 3-5 hours (customs), crazy!! We’re using a relocation agent as it seemed to be the only option.

I was going to post only a couple pictures of her but as I started looking through them I found too many and couldn’t decide which to leave out. So, here’s a look at Nala’s life so far…

just arrived, 8 weeks oldImage

funny little thing


dressed up in her xmas sweater, just slightly too bigImage

she sleeps like a person, normally i wake up with her head next to mine, on my pillowImage


she’s into boating…



…and hanging out at the summer house


she always knows where to find a sunny spot


she hates the cold but playing in the snow is fun


she’ll want to eat anything you’re having, this time a cinnamon bunImage

she’s always up for a bit of fun and excitement 😉


she’s got style:



AND she can fly


in a few hours our little family will be reunited!



2 thoughts on “Nala

  1. Well, har Nalzu kommit till sitt nya hem, hur har hon reagerat?? De ska bli skojigt o träffa dej o henne nästa weekend, kram

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