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Relaxing weekend

Hello there, how was your weekend? 🙂

I haven’t had so much to write about since we’ve mostly been chilling at home. It’s been veeery relaxing, we’ve just been enjoying each other’s and Nala’s company. We’ve taken long walks around the lakes, gone running, watched movies and eaten good food.

On Thursday evening after the gig we celebrated the Finnish National Day in front of the TV watching the President’s annual ball.

On Friday after brunch we drove out to Arabian Ranches to help our friends move in to their new villa. They have a huge back yard with a pool, pool bar, waterfall, bbq area and so on. Nice!! I’m looking forward to spending sunny days there once they’re settled in.

Yesterday we hunted for a christmas tree and decorations. We started with IKEA but were left pretty disappointed, everything we wanted was out of stock, gingerbreads included! 😦 (Apparently they’re not getting more stock in December either so I’ll just have to make a big order of things from Finland with the family for christmas). After that we headed for MOE and found a bunch of good stuff at Home Center (and there’s a sale!), christmas tree included. So now we’re almost set. 🙂 The evening was spent chatting and drinking wine with the girls on the balcony.

Now I’m off to Ibn Battuta Mall to sort out some errands. I have hundreds of great pictures from the yacht last weekend but they’re in .CR2 format, so as soon as I figure out how to convert them I’ll start posting them here.

Have a nice Monday!

I have two pictures from this weekend, poor, I know.

ImageMikko & Nala out and about in JLT

ImageSaturday dinner: my rendition of my favorite salad at Paul’s – Salade Fermière
(salad, rosemary chicken, green apple, walnuts, raisins, grated carrot, feta (should be emmental) and honey mustard dressing)


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