Johanna Sandell Duo / Life in Dubai

Pest control

Good morning!

I’m eating breakfast slooowly because I’m dreading the project I have to take on next – clearing the kitchen cabinets as well as the bathroom shelves. We’ve had a little ant invasion here the past couple of weeks and today pest control is finally coming to deal with the matter. They’re not dangerous ants, and they’re absolutely TINY but they drive me completely insane (just ask Mikko).

Apparently we have to escape the spray fumes for 4 hours so we’re driving to Arabian Ranches to spend the day at our friends’ villa, helping them with the last of their moving in. That’s going to be fun!

And then tonight we’re performing as usual. Wine & cheese dinner in Plantation Bar from 7-10pm. We had a great gig last night in Rococo. Two ladies that are booking us for their christmas party next Friday in a penthouse in JBR came to check us out and liked us a lot. As well as a journalist and a tv-presenter that requested Beyoncé’s “Halo” which we performed of course, followed by lovely compliments. Let’s see if they write about us 🙂

I hung out with friends for a bit after the gig in McGettigan’s while Mikko was doing school work. Oh, and we also decorated the christmas tree yesterday!!!!! 😀 I’m very proud of it. Will show you later.

Okay, so I guess I have to start emptying those cupboards… *sigh*

Have a nice day!


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