Little sis

My sister Annica flew in early this morning. YAAAAYYYYY!!!!!! 😀 I went down to the lobby to greet her at 4.30am, we chatted for a bit and then went back to sleep. She’s still snoozing in the guest room and I can’t wait til’ she wakes up so that we can start catching up and having fun! She’s going to be staying nearly 3 weeks.

Here are some memories from her past visits:

Imagewe went on desert safariImageImageImage

we like to be silly togetherImageImage

wrapping pressies, this we’ll be doing again in a few daysImage

two years ago we celebrated New Years’ together at Jebel Ali HotelImageImage

beach life at Jebel Ali HotelImageImageImageImageImage


3 thoughts on “Little sis

  1. Hej och tack för ett helt ljuvligt veckoslut på 34rde våningen, sov som en stock när jag kom tibax till hotellet, hahaa. Landade 2h fsenad i Finland i natt, satt hela flygningen på golvet breve en dam som svimmade rakt i min famn, skötte om henne med en sjuksköterska i 6h..

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