Life in Dubai

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2013

…a little late!

I haven’t stopped blogging if that’s what you were thinking. I’ve just been so busy enjoying the holidays with the family. My parents and my sister were here until early Thursday morning. Only my brother was missing.. 😦 But we had a wonderful time, Christmas Eve was spent on the beach followed by a traditional feast at home in the evening. Post with pictures on the way!

So the fam left early Thursday morning and we had one day of washing laundry and cleaning (or should I say watching the maid clean.. but even tidying up before she comes can be a project, lol) and trying to get well. I managed to catch quite a bad flu a couple days ago.

Because then, early Friday morning it was time for the next set of guests. So now we have the pleasure of enjoying the company of the guitar player from our band back home, JP and his girlfriend Eveliina! I’m not in the mood for being sick or laying in bed so we’ve been hanging out. Spent the day on the beach with friends yesterday and went for dinner at Souk al Bahar (opposite Dubai Mall), watched the fountain show and did a bit of shopping. But since my head has been quite heavy, nose runny and I was coughing my head off the other night I decided to stay home today and do nothing. Boring…

But finally some time to blog! 🙂

Home – Christmas edition:Image

Nala the Reindog guarding the presents:Image

Our tree:



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