Life in Dubai / Yoga


My day started in the best of ways, with a morning yoga practice. It’s full moon and traditionally ashtangis rest but after a day off yesterday (after practicing 7 days in a row) I had to get back to the studio (I know, I’m addicted) (and loving it!) I had the pleasure of meeting the new teacher who will be starting the Mysore program next week, both Mikko and I are pretty excited. Even though it means waking up around 6am (I’m still not sure how that’s going to work!!)

On my way home I had to pick up ingredients for the next 5 days of the Green Smoothie Challenge (the shopping list we receive is for 5 days at a time and the recipe is sent to us the night before). If anyone is interested in the challenge I’m participating in or if you have any questions about the smoothie recipes that I post, please feel free to ask! 🙂

Last night we were invited for dinner to a friends place and were served delicious spaghetti and various cheeses, bread and strawberries for starters. Yum. This guy is opening up his own restaurant later this spring, I can’t wait! More info then.

I should start making lunch, homemade pizza on the menu today!

Daily inspiration dose

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