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My day started early today with Mysore class at the Yoga Room (it’s from 6.30am-9.00am!!) I’ve never before been a morning person but I’m really enjoying waking up early nowadays, going to class and having a green smoothie for breakfast. I’m feeling good and energized!

Tonight we’re performing at The Montgomerie Golf Club for a corporate event. We just came back from the soundcheck and oh wow what beautiful surroundings! I guess Emirates Hills would be THE place to live in. It’s fun performing somewhere else for a change. We used to do mainly corporate events and private parties back home.

It’s 30+ degrees outside and Nala is starting to get pretty warm during her walks. I guess we have to start planning them for mornings and evenings from now on, avoid midday and always have a water bottle with us. In other words it’s starting to be perfect beach weather!

Hmm, can’t think of anything else for now (I got inspired to write this post after my mother complained about me only posting smoothie recipes, haha)

Oh and by the way, if anyone was wondering why I’m being crazy having my smoothies pose around our home for the pictures I just thought I’d keep it fun that way. No point in posting 30 pictures of (almost) exactly the same looking green glass. This way I also remember to tell them apart (maybe) – which days they were yummy etc. So I’m not totally cuckoo.. 😉

Here’s me on my way to our brunch gig on Friday (summer’s here!!)



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